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We offer a special service to enable academics and SMEs from EU and China forming strategic alliance and partnership applying research fund for joint life science research projects

MedTech International will strive to promote opportunities for global life science research collaborations. MedTech International provides dedicated services for global R&D collaborations to facilitate the establishment of global licensing partnerships and promote the development of innovative medical products. 

The Spanish government and Chinese government have established a joint research fund to support collaborative research between the two countries. On June 2020 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed among the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and the Ministry of Science and Innovation of the Kingdom of Spain on Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation. This Call is launched under the frame of the CHINEKA Program to promote and fund market – driven research and technology development as well as to encourage partnerships and business-Ied R&D&I collaborative projects between entities from both countries. This call for proposals aims to launch ambitious joint R&D projects of a high international standard between Chinese and Spanish organizations. Potential projects will be funded by DIC MOST in China and CDTI E.P.E. in Spain. 

This Call for proposals is open to collaborative R&D projects in the area of:

  • Smart Cities.
  • Production Technologies, including Smart Manufacturing.
  • Biomedicine and Technologies for Health, including Medical Devices, Biotechnological applications or Pharma, that may address diseases with global prevalence.
  • Clean Technologies, including technologies for the environment, Renewable Energies or Water Treatment.
  • Modern Agriculture including Fishery Technologies, Food Processing and Food Safety.
  • Advanced Materials.

For Spanish companies/organisations who are interested in finding a China based joint applicant, please email to:

Carlos Arias:  carias@medtechinternational.com 

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