Company Profile

MedTech International Ltd. as a UK Cambridge based medical device and healthcare technology Brokerage Company is targeting a multi-billion-dollar opportunity created by the phenomenon growth and liberalisation of China’s healthcare market. 

Our work is very much two-way partnership building by enabling European life science companies partnering with selected China companies, as well as encouraging Chinese MedTech, biotech and pharmaceutical companies to enter UK and European wide markets with innovative healthcare products by forging mutual beneficial business alliance. We are specialised to enable UK/European life science companies to achieve a soft landing in China.

We have worked with law firms and IPR specialists in the past decade to ensure our clients IPRs will be fully respected in China and in Europe. Medtech International will fully respect customers’ intellectual properties and work closely with IPR law firms in UK, EU countries and China to ensure absolute protection of any exchanged project confidential information, perform regular progress and compliance check to maintain high standard. We also provide Global Medical and Healthcare Products Online Market Place as a comprehensive online marketplace for research equipment,  healthcare and medical products. The platform provides a one–stop shop for top–quality research, medical and healthcare products from leading brands around the world. 

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