China Market Entry Analysis Business Strategy

Technology transferring and licensing on new medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices, novel drugs, Generic drugs, and other health related products. Due diligent China partnership selection process, using our well established China clients base and strategic connections, we will identify and evaluate potential R&D partners, partners for co-development licensing agreements, potential partners for technology transfer and strategic alliances. We can also facilitate the process of a potential acquisition negotiation to help large

Chinese medtech and biopharma companies to forge strong alliance with UK and European R&D companies. We will identify and evaluate potential alliance partners and undertake due diligence in respect of acquisitions.
Our services are specialised in:

  • Technology focus
  • Technologies that can be commercialized into large markets, which are dominated by few committed companies.
  • Technologies which can be introduced as ancillary products into existing physician sales call points
  • Markets that are not highly fragmented
  • Early stage design or prototypes
  • Uncompligated capitalization structure
  • Strong intellectual property
  • Partnerships, JV’s, Mergers and Acquisitions

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