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We offer a special service to enable academics and SMEs from EU and China forming strategic alliance and partnership applying research fund for joint life science research projects

MedTech International will strive to promote opportunities for global life science research collaborations. MedTech International provides dedicated services for global R&D collaborations to facilitate the establishment of global licensing partnerships and promote the development of innovative medical products. 

The European Union and China have established a joint research fund to support collaborative research between the two regions. This fund is designed to promote research and development projects that bring together researchers and experts from Europe and China. In order to apply for the fund, applicants must submit a detailed project proposal outlining their research objectives, expected outcomes, and proposed budget. The proposal must also demonstrate the potential impact of the research project, including the potential for economic and social benefits. Applicants should also provide evidence of their qualifications and experience in the field of research, as well as a narrative describing their research plan and methodology. 

Additionally, applicants must include a project timeline, a detailed budget, and any additional supporting documents that may be required. Finally, applicants must also provide letters of support from relevant stakeholders, such as potential research partners, industry representatives, and/or funding sources. This will provide additional evidence of the projects potential impact. The European Union and China are committed to supporting collaborative research between the two regions. By submitting an application for the EU/China research fund, applicants can take advantage of this opportunity and become part of an exciting and mutually beneficial research initiative.

Below are links for Horizon 2020 projects that include Chinese participation, the Co-funding Mechanism (CFM) allowed the EU and China to provide an equal contribution in terms of effort and resources in selected areas (e.g. FAB and Aviation). For more details (links to 5 .pdf documents):


UK, Europe and China R&D Collaboration

China Market Entry Analysis & Business Strategy

Technology Transfer & Licence

Regulatory Affairs & Clinical Trial Management

Medical Devices Development and Industry Design

Strategic Sourcing & Contract Manufacturing

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